Meeting Sujeet Desai – the champion self advocate for the disabled

Sujeet Desai born with Down’s Syndrome proved his critics wrong by overcoming his challenges and becoming a champion self advocate who currently travels the world inspiring thousands through his message and musical works

hops together with his parents. A master black belt in Taekwondo, plays 7 musical instruments, champion in alpine skiing, represented New York in special Olympics, Musician on the Paralympic Games team – a great human being – there are many feathers in Sujeet’s cap. Yet the world chose to call him disabled.

I had the wonderful opportunity to bring Sujeet to Doha Qatar as a Messenger of HOPE for my series of events in 2010. He together with his mother Dr. Sindoor Desai conducted workshops, and Sujeet went on to perform in a house-full musical evening together with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

God gave me yet another opportunity to meet Sujeet and his family in New York a few years later.

I believe that I have a role to play in bringing such inspirational people to the fore, and helping them to use their life’s message to touch and change lives of others. For this I am ever thankful to the almighty God, and humbled by my interaction with such great human beings as Sujeet.


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