Village of HOPE Foundation – a dream for many

There are many parents like me who wonder about the future of their disabled children after our time is up. Village of HOPE Foundation charitable and educational trust is an attempt of mine to alleviate this pain in the hearts of parents like me.

A caring self sufficient residential village that will be adequately equipped and staffed with qualified personnel will be a refuge to such parents once its fully up and running. In its initial years since inception, the Village of HOPE (VoH) has been involved in various programs that touched the lives of many in different ways. Our outreach and extension programs have been extremely successful. Numerous children attend school thanks to VoH which also provides funding to medical needs of many.

VoH has recently been recognized as a registered NGO by the government of India. All donations to VoH are eligible for tax exemptions under Section 80G of the IT act of India. Donations are not used for any administrative expenses, and 100 % reaches direct beneficiaries.

It is my vision that with time, our village will be established and sooner than later, we will welcome our first residents. I welcome you to be part of my dream, be part of a movement, be part of the future for many children and youth with disabilities who may not have parents or others to care for them.



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